Projects / Balmain

JDW Construction recently completed major renovations and alterations to an 1884, dual level terrace at 4 Montague Street, Balmain. The project was undertaken on behalf of a client of DMA Architects.

The scope of works included renovating both a commercial property on the ground floor, and providing for a residential apartment on the upper floor, including the following works:

  • Demolition and removal of rear internal walls, roof structure and floor
  • Retain existing partition wall
  • Construct a new double brick partition wall and staircase void
  • New floor frame to extension
  • Repair front termite damaged floor frame
  • Erect steel structure to form deck and support roof structure
  • Construct new rear roof structure
  • Construct new rear concrete deck
  • Install new aluminium doors to rear of property
  • Construct new bathroom to residence
  • Construct one disabled bathroom and one water closet to the shop front
  • Install Blackbutt floor and stairs to residence
  • Install kitchen to residence